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Mecha is a British owned and operated recruitment agency based in Yuyao, Zhejiang province, China. We recruit teachers from all over the world to work in Kindergartens, Primary, Middle and High schools, Universities, Training schools, as well as other specialist positions.

First off, we operate more as a service than a business. We have no sales staff, sales targets or anything like that. We don’t aim to make a profit, our one and only aim is to increase the working experience of foreign English teachers in China.

For years we have seen countless teachers come to China through a variety of agencies without knowing the deal they were getting was actually closer to exploitation than to an honest job. Some agencies will take up to (and sometimes even more than) 50% of a teacher's wage, whilst offering no discernible service whatsoever. Their idea is to get ANY teacher into ANY position, just to turn a profit. Once you are in China and are generating money for them, the teacher’s well-being becomes a minor concern at best. 

We work completely differently.

We NEVER take any money from teachers. Our schools pay us a modest "referral fee" which we re-invest back into Mecha. We do not really make a profit; as previously mentioned, our primary focus is to improve the working lives of teachers in China. Period. 

Below are the "Five Pillars of Mecha", a set of rules we work by to ensure we provide the best service possible: 

  • We like to keep things simple. From our website to our recruitment process, everything is designed to be as straight-forward as possible. No endlessly repetitive filling in of application forms, just send us your details in whatever format you like.

  • We only recruit for schools we know. We personally visit EACH and EVERY school we recruit for by physically going there and confirming they are who they say they are, talk with teachers and generally assess the working conditions. Although most agencies say they vet clients, in reality they don't. We can prove we do this for EVERY school we recruit for. Just ask us.

  • We only recruit for schools that can employ foreigners. If a school cannot supply their teachers with the legally required Z-Visa and / or Residency Permit, we will not recruit for them. We will NEVER ask a teacher to come to China for employment purposes on any other visa than the legally required Z-Visa.

  • We operate on a 100% honesty policy. All jobs in the world, regardless of country, have their pros and cons. We will never hold back information on a school, be it good or bad. Likewise, if we think a candidate is not right for a particular position (or vice versa) we will state it. We will never knowingly mislead a candidate. There is nothing worse for a teacher to arrive in a new position and it to be very different from how it was described.

  • We NEVER abandon a teacher once they are in China. If you ever need anything during your stay in China, you are welcome to contact us at any time. 

Mecha Teachers 

Mecha Teachers

Adam, Ireland - Kindergarten

Adam, Ireland

"Teaching kindergarten can be trying at tim...